On Not Being Happy

As many of you know we recently moved from a 700 sq foot apartment to what seems like a McMansion.

And as you may know it was a long time goal of ours to buy a home and have more space.

So Brian and I were talking the other night about this goal now that it has been realized.

We were reflecting on the fact that WE ARE NOT HAPPIER.


Isn’t that the point?

We are taught that WHEN we buy the home or lose the weight or get engaged THEN we will be happy. Then we can relax, then we will find inner peace. Then it will be complete.

Guys, I am on the other side (at least for this goal!) and I want to tell you WE ARE NOT HAPPIER.

Of course, yes, it is super nice not to have to arm wrestle to have space at the sink or to not trip over Luna’s loud annoying toy and then wake Luna or I don’t know not to have to do every single dish by hand.

It is awesome to be able to work from home from my home office. It is the best to be able to sit on our porch swing bed and listen to the birds instead of the neighbors. It is awesome that the kitchen table is actually JUST the kitchen table. We love it.

But, let me be very clear. We are not happier.

How is this possible?

Happiness can never come from out there. It can never come from a house or a dude or a new shiny thing or more money.

Happiness can only and always come from within. From the way we choose to think and interpret and see the world and our circumstances (which is kind of awesome if you think about it because this means then we are fully in control).

But of course our brains will trick us. They will tell us this lie over and over. That when we get this we will finally be happy or whole or complete.

So it’s interesting to look and see where in your life you might be playing the WHEN __________, THEN ______________ Game of Danger.

Tell me.