How did you lose the weight?

It happens all the time.

My clients get asked how they lost the weight when they are at the gym or at the party or at work.

Of course they do. They look amazing. 

And we all want to know the secret. We are hoping they have something we haven’t tried.

My clients then tell them they cut out sugar and flour (or whatever their very specific protocol is -- they say that).

I tell my clients they are wrong.

This is not why they lost weight.

If this was the reason that they lost the weight then we would all have just read the very first diet book that came out, done it, and we would all look and feel the way we want.

It is never the actual diet that gets the client to their goal.

It is always something deeper. 

It looks different for everyone.

But the nuts and bolts are simple. 

They learn how to reduce their over desire for food. 

They re-regulate their hunger hormones. 

They commit to writing for 2-10 minutes everyday to manage their minds.

They are willing to feel really uncomfortable feelings that the food used to take care of or that they are left with when they decide they don’t really want the muffin from the carb table at work.

I teach them how to do all of this.

And then they go to work on themselves and they do what they literally thought was impossible. It is so freaking cool to watch.

I love my clients.

But let’s be clear, it is never because they don’t eat sugar or flour.