The Most Unpopular Blog Ever

I used to do this thing when I actually was NOT on that diet or this cleanse.

I would eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted pretty much.

Then I would weigh more than I wanted (among other negative side effects).

Then I would hate myself for it.

Then I would read some body positive message somewhere on some feed.

And then I would pretend I loved my body because that is what it said to do.

It never worked.

So then I just felt bad for not being able to love myself at this unwanted weight.

AND what was the worst was there was this undertone that I shouldn’t WANT to lose weight (that was too vain and vapid) and that I should just be able to accept where I was but I couldn’t get myself there.

So it was a lose-lose.

This might be super unpopular but sometimes I wonder if we have swung too far on the pendulum.

Like we overcompensated for all the diets and all the starving ourselves by being like oh just eat what you want, enjoy life, it is okay to be overweight, love your body.

Guys I tried that.

It didn’t work (for me).

It was like hedonism for me. Only offered immediate gratification. I wasn’t really happy or content or fulfilled.

So what if we swung back a little to the place where it is okay to weigh what you want.

I repeat it is okay to want to weigh what you want. (please do not read this as it is okay to have an eating disorder -- that is not what we are talking about here people)

The kicker being that actually getting to the weight and staying there is through deep work on truly loving our bodies from an authentic place vs trying to slap on some mantra that we don’t believe at all.

That is what ultimately worked for me. And now it is a win win.

I weigh what I want AND I love my body.