Mandatory Play

I was recently at my daughter's preschool orientation night.

The directors of the school were explaining their philosophy.

One integral part of their philosophy is that play is not separate from work. Play is not separate from learning. Play is not separate from structured lessons.

So it is not like they have recess then learn numbers then play with the water table then clean up the room and then learn shapes.

It is always all play and always all learning.

BUT what I wondered was when does this stop?

This whole everything can be play?

Now that I am adulting, there are things that are play and then there are things that are work.

But what if it was just one thing?

Like what if me writing this blog was play AND work?

Just me asking myself changes the whole entire energy.

My coach always says if it is not fun, it is not worth doing. This doesn’t mean don’t do hard things. This doesn’t mean don’t go crush your goals. This doesn’t mean you won’t feel crappy emotions.

This means how can your reframe your work so that you can integrate fun and play?

It is totally possible.

I can hear some of you.

But what if you have a really shitty boss?

What if you work really long hours?

What if you hate your job?

Still totally possible AND even that much more rewarding.

What if this was just the curriculum for your job? It HAD to be play AND work.

Or whatever your goal is. What if losing the weight had to be fun? Saving for the house had to be playful? Meeting and finding and marrying your husband had to be fun and play?

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