The Worst Thing Ever

I have a fun game for you.

It is called Worst Thing: Best Thing.

My colleague Shira Gill told me about it.

I play it all the time.

This is how you play.

When your brain is telling you that the “thing” in your life is the worst “thing”ever, you then ask it why is this also the best thing.

Here are some of my examples.

Worst Thing: Barely can walk from SI joint pain bc of my pregnant bod.

Best Thing: I am pregnant with a lil miracle!

Worst Thing: Babe is out of town

Best Thing: Get to hang out with my neighbors I normally would not have and make new friends!

Here are some of my colleagues examples:

Worst thing: divorced at 39

Best thing: found the love of my life.

Worst Thing: My father's death

Best Thing: My brother and I have never been closer

So you can do it with big things and small things.

And you win every time ;).