I'll just have the salad

I was out to dinner with my hubby, Brian and my daughter, Luna the other night.

Brian and I sat down and realized that we weren’t thaaaat hungry and that we both wanted the same exact things.

A salad and the short rib.

Perfect, right?

We will just split it.

But here is the thing, guys. This restaurant was FANCY. This was they type of restaurant where you get COURSES. You are SUPPOSED to DINE.

And this is the type of place where if you don’t order a bunch of food and drinks the waitress could get MAD at you.

At least this was what my brain was telling me.

So I was super scared to just order one salad and one entree to SPLIT.

So here were my options. 

1. Order a bunch of food that we didn’t really want and overspend and probably overeat

2. Order what we want but then give the waitress a whole very unnecessary song and dance -- some of which I would probably just be making up -- about why we weren’t ordering a lot to ensure she still liked us and didn’t judge us and didn’t spit in our food. 

3. Just order what we want and shut up. And most likely feel super uncomfortable.

Oh great. An opportunity to be uncomfortable but authentic and truthful. Efffff.

So of course we had to pick #3.

And of course it was totally fine, yes a little uncomfortable but really no big deal. In fact it was the most freeing thing ever. In my head it opened up so many possibilities. 

It was like more proof I can just ask for what I want and shut up and everything will be fine.

It was like taking myself up on a DARE.

Dare you to just order the soup or not people please or to ask the cute guy out or ask for a raise or whatever comes up for you.

It is way less exhausting.