A Twist on We Can Do Hard Things

I hear from my clients and from my brain some version of “Yeah but, it’s hard” when it comes to a challenge we are facing.

As if this is a legit reason to not move forward. Or to be really freaked out.

I see and hear and preach some version of the bumper sticker sentiment “we can do hard things” all the time.

And this definitely helps.

But what I have been noticing lately is that what is even more powerful is “I can do hard things AND maybe I even WANT the things to be hard.”

It is kind of like a 10k or a really sweaty yoga class or climbing to the top of a mountain or some other physical challenge you are in to.

Isn’t the challenge part of the point? We signed up for it in the first place because it IS hard.

So, I am in the midst of a Facebook Ads course. Kill me now is my knee jerk reaction.

This shit is so effing hard and foriegn and complicated for my brain that when I started the course I practically broke my computer and had an epic temper tantrum that could compete with my almost 2 year olds’ current meltdowns.

And then yesterday (after days and hours of doing this course) some of it started to click. And oh my god. The feeling was sooooo rewarding.

It dawned on me -- oh yeah -- sometimes I want the things to be hard. Because when the things are hard the reward is so much sweeter.

Now if someone could have just told me this mid temper tantrum that would have been great.

Here’s to remembering next time that I in fact want *some* of the things to be hard.

Have the Best Week Ever,