We Moved to Colorado and It Sucked.

We’re here!!!

A week ago there weren’t so many exclamation points. Actually there weren’t any.

You guys. I got so so so so sick with altitude sickness.

Like Mt. Everest altitude sick, not like Boulder, CO altitude sick.

Who even gets altitude sickness at a mile high!?!?!

So for a week I was horizontal. I did not unpack one box or change one diaper.

My poor husband.

And at the beginning of the week I was so sorry.

So sorry for myself. And so so sorry to my husband because I wasn’t doing shit.

Then I realized that was stupid.

Feeling and being sorry for a physical thing is just the most unproductive and ineffective things ever.

So I decided that the boxes would get unpacked. That we weren’t in a rush.

And I decided instead of whining and saying sorry to my husband over and over. I would just thank him. <insert this method if you are an over-apologizer, most of the time you can just say thank you>

Those two simple and seemingly small things changed everything.

And after gallons of water and tons of rest I am back to me!

And ps it does not suck at all ;)!