Why my pregnancy was never meant to be a secret!

Disclaimer: this post is MY experience. While this post illustrates my opinion and wants, I TOTALLY respect everyone’s choices in how they communicate their personal stuff. Truly.


Eeeek!! I’m pregnant!!

I am 10 weeks pregnant with our second baby!!

Some of you are like “Holy Shit!!! Congrats!!!!”

Some of you are like “Wait. why are you telling me/ us/ the world this so early!??!”

“You know you can’t tell us you are pregnant until you are AT LEAST 13 weeks pregnant.”

Until it is safe.  Until your risk of miscarriage has significantly gone down. It is just the rule, okay?!

Here is the thing.

I am so excited I am pregnant!

I genuinely want to share my news with people, especially when it comes up in conversation.

You guys, the pregnancy test wasn’t even dry and I was telling friends / receptionist at the co-work / students / acquaintances / anyone that would listen that we are having a baby.

Most people are just so excited and love to be excited with me.

Every now and then I get this “Laura!!!!” with a side of disbelief that I was sharing the news too early.

As if it is a secret.

I am pregnant.

It is not a secret. In fact it is the opposite of a secret. It is something to be celebrated.

It is something to be celebrated even if this doesn’t turn out the way I so desperately hope.

It is still not meant to be a secret if I miscarry.

If I miscarry that is also not a secret.

I began to wonder… does this societal rule of you must wait until you are 13 weeks to tell people perpetuate the idea that miscarriage is something to be hidden? To be ashamed of? As if we have control over it? As if it is somehow our fault?

I kind of think it does.

So now I am really telling everyone.

Because I just really want to and because it was never meant to be a secret. At least for me.