How to Make Your dreams come true!

In 2013 I wrote down this very goal, “Brian and I move into our dream home, city and neighborhood by December 31, 2019”.

Part of me wholeheartedly believed this.

Part of me was totally freaked out and wanted to unwrite it.

Part of me was giddy with excitement.

AND a big part of me was like, “HOW!!!??”

For so many of us the question of “HOW?” equals “STOP”.

Part of us wants to lose the weight or buy the house or launch our side hustle.

But then another part of us is like “How are you gonna do that?”

And we are like “I have no clue. Yeah you are probably right, it is too hard. It won’t work. I just don’t know. I don’t even know who does know.”

We think we have to know the answer to “HOW?” in order to move forward.

So we stop. We stop dreaming, planning, goaling, creating.

And then we are at risk for leading a pretty mediocre life, a life that is just on auto-pilot, set to default mode.

Most awesome things in life didn’t start with the how.

My guess is Steve Jobs didn’t know HOW to create the iphone or the first builders of dream homes didn’t know HOW to build an actual dream home or like those little heat packets you put in your mittens, those guys definitely didn’t know the HOW.

You guys. I had NO IDEA how we would buy our house.

But that wasn’t important.  All I had to know was the WHAT.

What did I want? I wanted the house.

So my job was committing to the house and simply taking the next best step. Saving some money here and there. Exploring this neighborhood and that one. Talking to this real estate agent and another mortgage broker. Scheming up ideas with my husband.

Sometimes the next best step didn’t work. Sometimes it took me in a new direction. But I believed in this dream and was committed to it so I just kept going.

At one point someone “important” actually told me that we could not get a house. I could have believed them.

When I look back at HOW this goal unfolded, I realize I could have NEVER known that HOW. And that is part of the beauty of it.

But I can tell you I never gave up (even though I wanted to sometimes) on the goal.

So as I sit here on April 9, 2019 I am like boo ya!!! We did it!!! We live in an our dream home, neighborhood and city!!

Not because we knew how but because we knew the what and were committed, above all else, to the belief that we would make it happen.

Have the best week ever,


PS if you have a dream that is leaving you feeling stuck, or a goal where you think this work doesn’t apply ;), try me, book a free mini coaching session and let’s do it! Sessions are open through tonight (Wednesday at midnight!).