Why I Quit and you might too.

Are you a quitter?

Or are you more of a legitter?

AKA do you make excuses to not do the things that you planned to do?

Or when you don’t do things you planned to do is it because of a legit reason?

My colleague calls this a “LEGIT” vs. a “QUIT”.

I have been grappling a lot lately with which camp I fall into when it is time to do things I don’t feel (insert whiny toddler voice)  like doing.

As you know, we moved halfway across the country into our new home with barely any furniture, I often have gnarly altitude/ morning sickness along with this blessing of a pregnancy and I have a fun, spirited toddler.

And. I have a crazy huge business goal.

So. It will be time to do what is scheduled to do on my calendar. Let’s say my calendar says “create xyz video”.

My brain will come up with all kinds of reasons as to why I don’t feel like it or I can’t possibly do that right now.

Sometimes my brain will tell me I can’t do the video right now because my bff told me it is “WAY DAY” and I all of a sudden need to take advantage of the the amazing outdoor furniture sale Wayfair is having. Like right now.

Sometimes I don’t feel like it because I feel physically soooo nauseous.

Sometimes it is, well there isn’t a good place to record the video because the house isn’t decorated, what are you just gonna have white walls behind you?!

Sometimes I don’t feel like it because I am just so exhausted.

And then sometimes I don’t feel like it because the house is destroyed and unorganized and I would just be so much more productive if I just cleaned up and organized an entire room first.

Or what about when the nanny unexpectedly cancels?

Or the landscaping guy can only come between these specific hours?

Only I know if these are LEGITS or QUITS. Reasons or excuses. And only you know when it comes to your schedule.

But what I do know is that in general LEGITS happen once in a blue moon and QUITS try to happen all day everyday. At least for me.

But right now there are actually MORE LEGITS given my circumstances AND this is the kicker, way more opportunities for my brain to try to disguise QUITS as LEGITS.

It is so helpful to be able to decipher which is which.. And when I really stop and ask myself, I know deep down which is which.

So when a quit comes up, I can just simply notice it, know that this is NORMAL for my brain to do (aka don’t beat yourself up)  and move onto creating the video (ps this feels like ass) and when a LEGIT comes up I can take care of it without any drama.

You can apply this tool to your calendar, to the way you eat and even to your relationships.