Why Me?

In case you are not a blog loyalist (ps you totally should be, it is very cool to be a laura conley blog loyalist in case you haven’t heard), I just moved into a new home in a new state.

You guys we literally moved from a 600 sq ft apartment to a HOUSE.

Which means we have like no furniture. Which means overstock and crate and barrel are our number one fans.

Which means we get tons of packages everyday.

You guys, these packages, let me tell you, half the time, it is not the right order or the box is damaged or it is the wrong color and blah blah blah.

My knee jerk reaction is that my blood boils and I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE PEOPLE CAN’T DO THEIR MOTHER EFFING JOBS!!!!!

I ask myself, why can’t they get it right? Why did I order from them in the first place? Why can’t it just go smoothly?

Do you guys know they answers to these questions?

You don’t have to, to know that the answers to these questions are negative and literally make me feel like SHIT.

I just keep going into a lil tizzy spat thingy.

So I took a page out of Jen Sincero’s book and started asking “Why is this good?” instead.

My brain came up with so many good reasons (good job brain!) for why it is GOOD that the curtain rod rings didn’t match the actual curtain rod even though it said so online and thus I had to go to Crate and Barrel two times.

Literally for every “negative” thing that happens, I try to ask this, “Why is this good?” question and every single time my brain finds something GOOD.

And then the trajectory of my day and my mood is like 1000% times better.

It is magic.

Our brains love to answer questions. Our brains don’t care if the questions we pose elicit a negative or positive response. They just love to find answers.

Why is this good?

Try it. It will change everything.