Why Diets don’t Work

When I was in the thick of my yo-yo dieting days and the diet wasn’t “working” I secretly wished something was wrong with me and I really wished there was a magic pill that would solve said thing.

I would have rather been sick or unhealthy than actually have to stick to a “diet”. It is kind of sick in it of itself.

When my vitamin D was low, I thought oh this has to be the answer.

Or when I was diagnosed with a thyroid issue (later learned it was actually a misdiagnosis), I was like ah-hah.

Or maybe lemon water was the answer.

The thing is -- I wished so badly that the answer was OUTSIDE of myself. Outside of me having to experience discomfort.

I just wanted the magic pill.

I really just wanted to have my cake and eat it too. Literally.

I wanted to be thin and go to the party and eat and drink all of the things.

I wanted to weigh my natural weight and basically binge on vacation.

I wanted to eat half the bread basket and 4 pats of butter or the whole dessert when I ate out 4 times a week and still fit into THE jeans.

It wasn’t my thyroid or my vitamin d or anything else, it was my brain.

It is like my coach says, “It’s very hip these days to say that diets don’t work. Listen. Diets work. They do their job. They even lead to permanent weight loss. If you stay on them permanently. It’s not that diets don’t work. It’s that we stop doing them.”

So good, right?

So I found the closest thing I could to a magic pill: allowing discomfort versus resisting it, a customized “diet” that I am OBSESSED with, and deconditioning an intense over desire for unhealthy food.

It took work on my brain, my thoughts, my mindset to truly get what I wanted and to stop blaming my body for my undesired results.