Thai Food and Grab Ass.

You know those little fried onion things that sometimes come with thai food?

I love those little things.

I was cleaning up our thai food take out a few weeks ago and there were a couple on the counter left over from the topping for my husband’s soup.

I picked one up and popped it in my mouth.

As soon as I did it I was like “oops”.

Then I was like “oh one little fried onion thing won’t matter”.

And it probably would not have mattered in terms of I wasn’t going to like gain weight or feel lethargic or whatever.

But then I remembered why it actually did matter.

Why it matters more than anything in the world.

I made a promise to myself over a year ago that I don’t mindlessly eat, no matter what.

I don’t eat my husbands scraps or my daughters crusts of her pb and banana sandwich.

So when I do mindlessly eat it is like I am cheating on myself.

The level of self-trust drops a notch or two.

My confidence in keeping my word to myself is weakened.

I could start to wonder if I will achieve my goal or keep my promise.

My coach calls this “grab-assing”.

If you are in a committed relationship, would you ever like make out with a random dude at the bar? Even if he was really hot? What if he was like super funny?

NO! You wouldn’t! You’re committed to your person.

You wouldn’t just like grab his ass a little here and there.

Same rule applies here.

Why would you cheat on yourself just a little here and there?

The magic in creating what you want around food or your weight or any goal is in committing as truly to ourselves as we do our partners or anything else in our lives.

Have the Best Week Ever + Tons of Love,


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