Wait, why are you moving?

Did you guys hear we are moving to Boulder?

We are in the thick of ALL THE FEELS right now with just a few more days in Santa Monica.

This is how the conversation usually goes when I tell someone that we are moving.

“We are moving to Colorado!!”

“Oh, cool! So, it’s for Brian’s job?”

“No -- we just decided we wanted to move to Colorado.”

And that is usually received with a sweet look of bewilderment.

You guys we are just moving to Colorado because we want to.

It is so weird to so many people.

But shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Shouldn’t our desires come before our jobs?

Shouldn’t our desires come before all of the other seemingly good reasons our brains come up with as to why we shouldn’t do whatever our thing is?

Whether it is date the eccentric dude or write our book or move to a new city.

What if our desires were the most important things ever?

I know what some of you are thinking.

Must be nice. Or easy for you to say. Or I just don’t have that choice.

But what if you challenged that voice in your brain in the name of what it is you really really really want?

Whenever I entertain a dream, a really big one, like moving halfway across the country and buying a house, my brain ALWAYS freaks out, always tells me why I can’t.

My brain sounds so logical.

But it is all a lie.

It is hard and uncomfortable to challenge our brains. But it is so worth it.

Our dreams our on the other side.

Have the BEST week ever + So much love to you!


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