How to Make the Right Decision

Guess What!!!

We are moving!

Colorful Colorado is calling our names and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Most people are really supportive and happy for us.

Every once and a while we will hear a very well intentioned rebuttal.

Like, “why would you do that!?!?”

Or, “What if you don’t like it?”

Or, “I have heard really good things, but I have also heard really bad things…”

They say, “oh my god, aren’t you gonna freeze?”

And, “What if this isn’t the right house, what if you didn’t do enough research?”

Or, “are you sure you want to live in that town, that seems far from Denver!”

And on and on.

Here is the thing.

We are moving to Colorado.

And we are going to FUCKING LOVE IT.


Because we just decided that we are going to love it.

We decided that it is the BEST decision for our family.

That even if our neighbors don’t become our bffs and wanna have wine with the baby monitors in the backyard or if it is 17 degrees five days in a row in April or if our roof gets a leak or our daughter questions us later as to why we left the beach, it will still be the RIGHT decision. The BEST town. The PERFECT house. In the most RIGHT neighborhood.

Did you know you can do this with any decision in your life?

You can just decide that it is perfect and right.

Did you know that the only thing that makes a decision wrong is your brain?

What if all the decisions were right?

What if you just proved this true for yourself?

People will say that is delusional.

So what?

It is delusional either way. It is our pick.

I am going to miss all my beloved friends, the endless warmth, my pedicure spot, my favorite workouts…. But that is another post. Xoxox.

Have the best week ever + love you tons,


PS come say goodbye, we are leaving in just over a week! I have two events in the next week click here to sign up!