The Cake Hangover (Cakangover?)

This past weekend it was my daughter’s 1st birthday party. I planned to NOT eat the cake.

Then, I was cleaning up and a little icing got on my finger and I licked it. Oopsie.

It is almost as if something else took over.

“Holy crap that is good. Must have more. Must have more now.”  This is the jist of what my brain is telling me. It actually felt like a small emergency.
So I had the cake that was not on the plan.

HELLO sugar hangover.  If I had to pick, I would take a standard hangover over the sugar hangover every. single. time.

And in this moment I knew I had a choice to make.

1. Have the sugar hangover and that was it (still kind of sucky)


2. Have the sugar hangover AND on top of that beat myself up for having had the cake (super super sucky)

My brain for sure wanted to throw me down the shame spiral of “What is wrong with you?” and “Haven’t you learned your lesson yet?” and “Now you aren’t going to look and feel how you want to for your retreat.” and so on and so on.

Listening to this psycho voice in my head usually equals me throwing in the towel and eventually actually eating more sugar.

Sorry sweet little brain. Not doing that today. Not arguing with reality and making myself feel like ass on purpose.

Because what is the point?

Slowly I was able to shift and it became “Omigod I am so happy I reminded myself how much sugar sucks and how committed I am to staying away from it.”

And so I drank a shit ton of water and went about my day. And now it is Monday and I feel amazing.

Moral of the story: why compound the suck with beating yourself up? It never works. Happy Monyay!