Photo Shoot Show Down

I just booked a photo shoot for December 8th so I can create fun images and inspo for “The Yummy Mummy.”

I am super excited because I am working with one of my all time favorite photographers, she is a true talent and so super fun!

BUT, then tonight in the shower….

It always happens in the shower, doesn’t it!!?!

….I thought to myself

“Oh my god, that shoot is like 10 days away.”

“We better do a cleanse.”

“We better clear the social calendar for this coming weekend.”

“We better alert Husband that we are on said cleanse, and he better hold me accountable!”

And then I remembered.

I don’t do that anymore.

I don’t do the cleanse, then starve,  or try to skip dinner, then inevitably throw in the towel and eat the fries because I am starving and then kind of blame my husband and then actually feel like complete shit on photo shoot day -  I don’t do that sick little game anymore.


SO. I just very nicely reminded the outdated part of my brain that we don’t do that anymore.

I reminded myself that we are going to eat healthy and normal and have all the fun this weekend (which by the way, for me, fun isn’t synonymous with food and drinks anymore, but that is another blog) and show up to the photo shoot feeling fucking amazing.

That is the plan. Even when my brain forgets. It is still the plan.

And everyday I am grateful for this new plan.

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