Gratitude Mad Lib

Have you guys heard of stroller strides?

No, it is not like 20 moms power walking as fast as they can up and down the beach path rocking hot pink visors (although if you know me, you know I can get behind visor life).

Stroller strides is the best, most kick ass workout AND you get to bring your baby.

Today it was like crazy good workout, bring your baby (while the talented teacher also entertains said babe) AND a gratitude-PALOOZA!!!!

And since it was a gratitude-PALOOZA I figured I have to share it with all of you!!!

I am like any decent human. I really love me some gratitude.

But what I have found is that just listing in your head the same 4 things you are grateful for doesn’t really pack very much punch day after day.

We need to get creative. Think of things we don’t always think of. Think of the WHY.

Then FEEL the actual feeling of gratitude inside our bodies.

When we practice gratitude this way it really brings home all of the amazing benefits, which I was reminded of today by my sweet friend Noelle (she was the creator of the gratitude-PALOOZA).

She told us things like:

Having a gratitude practice can increase your immunity, bring you greater joy, improve your self-esteem, lower stress, contribute to better sleep, make us kinder, and on and on and on.

I mean basically having a gratitude practice is like taking a magic pill.

Sign me up!!

Which is why I loved the gratitude mad lib that Noelle offered (or should I call it “Grat Lib” hehehe.)

You can copy, paste and thank away OR use it as your conversation piece at the dinner table!

Dear ______________,

I am so grateful or your ___________________________. When I am feeling _____________ you always know how to ______________________. I love the way you _____________. You are special to me because _____________________________. Without you as my ______________________, I would be_________________________.

I _________________________ you!


Happy Thanksgiving Bloggy Babes!!!

And check out Stroller Strides here!