Namastay A Human

Do you guys know what Namaste means?

I was always taught it meant, “The light within me, sees and honors the light within you”.

It literally means “I bow to you.”

And since I have said it like 4,562 times in my life sometimes I think about what MY definition is.

What if it means “I see you”?  All of you. The light and the dark.

What if Namaste meant “the whole entire me, the light AND the dark, sees and acknowledges and loves the whole entire you”?

Now some of you are probably like well that is silly, shouldn’t we focus on the light?

And, yes I am all for that.

But what about our brains. What about when our brains inevitably interpret other people's behaviors as dark.

Like when we see someone as being defensive or critical or judgemental or lazy or kinda dumb or selfish orrr….. Fill in the blank.

What if we could Namaste (my definition :)) then?

Like say my friend is being super judgemental (my brain's interpretation of course -- and ps

the reason we even see the dark in the first place is because it exists within us too.).

So yeah she is being judgemental. What if I was like Namaste (again my def). Boom.

Meaning -- I see you being judgemental and you know what sometimes I am judgemental too. And you know what? It is all okay. I love you.

We are made up of light and dark because we are Humans and that is  just how we are made.

So for me, I get waaaaay farther when I allow myself to see and love it all.