First Day of Preschool Dram Dram

My daughter Luna had her first day of preschool yesterday.

At about 11am one of the teachers emailed me.

“Luna is having a fantastic first day. She’s been really interested in books, the light provocations, and watching everyone from the window.

We feel so lucky to have you all as a part of room 4, we love her already! Check out some photos of Luna”

Pretty good update, right?


That is not what my brain told me.

“What do you mean she was watching everyone from the window? Was she scared? Why wasn’t she playing with them? Was she anxious? Too shy? That is not like her. Something is definitely wrong, I better go pick her up.”

Isn’t that kind of nuts I thought all that?

But this is what our unmanaged brains do. They look for negative. For danger. They interpret perfectly neutral news as negative. They pick out one tiny little phrase in a really positive email and focus only on that.

Thank god I try to manage my brain most of the time. Because yesterday this whole song and dance was just so funny to me. I saw exactly what my brain was up to. Sneaky little thing.

And then moved on.

And then was just so grateful that she was having an awesome first day.

There is so much freedom in not believing everything we think.