Going Unconscious

For those of you that get my newsletter, you heard all about how obsessed I was with my weekend in Ojai last weekend.

Like top 10 weekends ever obsessed. It was that good.

There was yoga, big fluffy robes, long runs, naps by the fire, deep restorative relaxation and so much fun and connection with my soul sister.

But I forgot to tell you one thing.

I forgot to tell you how I went unconscious.

I didn’t realize it until the Monday after the retreat. I realized I had gone unconscious at Brunch on Saturday morning.

See the brunch was a buffet.

But like the good kind of buffet, the fancy kind.

I selected a normal “on my plan” brunch of eggs, bacon and some fruit when I went up to the buffet.

Then I ate the meal as I chatted with some of the awesome retreat goers.

Then I went back to my room. Went for a run. Jacuzzied. Read.

Then I just went about my AMAZING weekend.

Then on Monday I realized I had gone unconscious.

I didn’t get up for seconds at brunch.

And that is not even the kicker.

I didn’t even THINK about getting up for seconds.

I didn’t go back and forth in my head about whether to get up again. I didn’t start half listening to my new friend talk about her journey with IVF because I was so consumed with how good the french toast looked.

I didn’t get up and then get something that wasn’t really on plan and then eat it and then feel physically sick.

I used to go unconscious and get the food and then feel like shit.

And now *apparently* I go unconscious and just don’t think of it and then I feel amazing.

Halle - effing - lujah.

But let me be clear. This was not an accident.

I just didn’t know this would show up when it did.

I have consciously rewired my brain so I could create a new and eventually unconscious habit.

I kind of can’t believe it!!

Happy rewiring.

I didn’t do this alone. If you want help rewiring your habits book yourself a coaching package or free mini sesh to see if we are a good fit. Prices go up in 2019.