Why the Scale is Not the Enemy

My daughter Luna is obsessed with our scale.

She LOVES to weigh herself.

No matter what the scale reads she shrieks in excitement when the number pops up.

Did you know we could do this too?

Yes, most of us will have to gently (or voraciously) ignore the programming in our brains.

But we could actually learn to love the number on the scale, no matter what it is.

So many of us make the number mean something bad, make it mean something about who we are.

I suck. I will never get to my goal. What is wrong with me?  I am fat. I am gross.

And then we feel guilty or shame or anger or frustration.

And that never ever leads to where we really want to go or how we want to feel or who we want to be. This type of thinking and interpretation just compounds the problem.

I didn’t know this for the longest time, BUT the number on the scale is NEUTRAL.

The number in your bank account or the number of swipe rights or the number of fill in the blank is NEUTRAL.

Until we have a thought about it.

So you can continue to think negatively about these totally neutral things or you can try to be more like my toddler. Or at least begin to think neutrally about the neutral things.

Things like this scale is literally just measuring my skin and bones and muscle and tissue. Or I weigh this number and it has nothing to do with who I am. Or I weigh this number and I want to weigh another number and that is totally okay.

Get creative. See first what you think about the numbers in your life. Notice if those thoughts are serving you. Then try on some new ones. What feels best?