Are We There Yet?

My clients always want to know when they are going to be “done” or “fixed” or “perfect”.

When is their brain is going to stop telling them they aren’t good enough?

They want to know how to fix feeling like ass permanently and forever.

They want to know when it will just be easy to maintain their weight and to not even want the fro yo in the first place?

They want to know why some days still suck when they have been doing all this work on themselves.

I have the best news ever. You, me, my clients, we are just never done.

No we are not there yet.

If you have signed up for a life where you are “in” for the growth, for upping the awareness, for working on your Self, then you are never done.

I say this is the best news ever because if you can stay with it for a moment you will see too, it offers pure freedom.

If we are never done we can accept, we can allow and we can stop fighting against the human experience.

It is kind of like golf or yoga or anything else you are in to. Part of the fun is that there is always more to learn, always another opportunity to improve, right?

So when you are having a DAY or when your Mother in Law is doing that thing again or fill in the blank of something that sucks -- what if we just thought of it as an opportunity vs as something that has gone wrong.

Because really it is the resistance to the thing that “sucks” that makes it feels so horrible.

It is the belief that we should be done by now that makes it feel so horrible. 

Nothing has ever gone wrong. It is all for you. In it’s imperfect perfection.