Unsubscribe Scars

I started my newsletter about 2 and a half years ago.

I sent out my very first one full of excitement and anticipation.

I think people loved it for the most part.

However, mailchimp sends me an email every time someone unsubscribes.

I didn’t know that.

So I am all on a high about sending this newsletter out and then I get like 2 unsubscribe emails.

Isn’t it crazy how we can be getting all kinds of positive feedback but then our brains just keep going to the negative.

There could have been like 8 bajillion of you loving it and 2 people not wanting it (which by the way isn’t personal usually anyway - I mean even if it is, so what!?)

I am like “no one likes my email, I am probably gonna die.” and I stew and I waste precious energy and I make it mean all kinds of things that I don’t really want to be focusing on.

Apparently you can turn off the setting where mailchimp doesn’t send you the unsub emails.

But! If I turn that off I am missing a huge opportunity.

So I leave it on. And when an unsub email comes in, I might open it, I might not.

Regardless I always choose to think, this is just me getting closer to my audience. This has nothing to do with the actual ME.

My coach explains it as if she is teaching in an auditorium. Would you want people in your lecture not paying attention and like scrolling facebook? NO! You wouldn’t!

Same applies here. My people will find me. And the people that are not my people will unsubscribe.

And it is all perfect.