The Yummy Mummy

At the beginning of this year I was I was still 15-20 pounds over my pre-baby weight.

I knew I wanted to lose it and maybe a few more.

BUT, this time I was determined to lose the baby weight mindfully and once and for all.

I  wholeheartedly and consciously committed to:

*no deprivation (seemed impossible since this was my only real go-to in the past)

*learning to once and for all love my body

*continuing to breastfeed and maintain a healthy milk supply

*creating a relationship with myself, especially around the food I eat and my body, that I am proud to model to my daughter

After literally decades of an on again off again relationship with food and my body and trying everything under the sun to lose weight, I am literally so relieved and ecstatic because I feel like I have cracked the body love code.

Today, I launch THE YUMMY MUMMY PROGRAM: a 1-on-1 Mindful Weight Loss Coaching Experience for New Mamas.

Without really knowing it, I created the The Yummy Mummy Program for myself, later became a Certified Weight Coach through The Life Coach School and want nothing more than to help other mamas on their journey. I find this stuff so fun and so transformative on so many levels!

What is a Yummy Mummy you ask?

Well, Urban Dictionary might have a different answer, BUT I think a Yummy Mummy is a mom that -- believe it or not -- LOVES her body post baby.

She weighs what she wants to weigh.

She feels super energetic (okay, most of the time), never deprived and feels free (effing finally) of the drama around food and body image.

It makes me snicker a little, but I can totally say that I feel like a Yummy Mummy through and through.

For someone that has tried every diet, every cleanse, every self help book on the subject, this was the one thing that has worked for me and I can unequivocally say, will continue to for a lifetime.

I feel like I have finally found the answer on weight loss and body love and I am so excited to share all of it with you.

If you are curious about becoming a Yummy Mummy click here to sign up for a free 15 minute consult!