More on Mom Guilt

Should I go to yoga or go home and be with Luna?

Was I overly cautious when she threw up? Not cautious enough?

Am I being selfish for taking her for a stroller run instead of taking her to the playground because we really only have like 37 minutes?

Did I stop breastfeeding too soon?

My bestie and I were facetiming yesterday.

We notice how there are so many articles and chapters in the parenting books on how to get RID of MOM GUILT. There are all these crafty ways to trick yourself out of it.

I sometimes think the more momming I do, the more years that pass by the less mom guilt I will have.

As if this mom guilt shouldn’t be part of the deal.

But what if is just the deal?

What if it is just a part of the package?

What if we allowed it?

Like just thought to ourselves, “oh there is the mom guilt again” and then took a deep breath.

Instead of fighting it? Or trying to wine-it away? Or talk ourselves out of it?

What if we breathed it all in.

Just as the cuddles and playground adventures and the first “I love you” are a part of what we have signed up for, what if the guilt was what we have signed up for too?

I think this way is way easier. Maybe not super comfortable. But easier.