Do you ever look back?

Exactly 6 years ago I left my corporate job as a pharmaceutical sales gal.

I left the company car. The free lunches. The cushy salary and bonuses.

I did this to pursue my dream of being a yoga teacher and life coach.

People ask me all the time, “Do you regret it?” “Do you ever look back?” “Do you wish you hadn’t?”

The answer is a simple and definitive NO. I really never looked back, I never wished I hadn’t left, I never regret it.

But here is why.

I just decided I wasn’t going to regret it.

I just decided that this was the best decision I could ever make for myself.

I stuck to that and believed it through and through.

So, I got myself a light blue VW beetle, drank my $13 green smoothies that I paid for all by myself and created retreats which became the new bonus.

It is really that simple.

The only thing that makes something wrong decision is your brain.