Life is Short: Part 1

I got an email from my old boss that one of my old co-workers had a heart attack and died yesterday.

She was young and it was sudden.

I feel so much sorrow for her family, she was total sunshine and such a beaming human being.

People die suddenly all the time.

We say things like, “Life is short” and “Such a reminder to live life to the fullest” and “Hug your people” and “It’s important to the let the things that don’t matter go.” It is all true.

We really mean these things wholeheartedly.

And maybe we do hug our people or sign up for guitar lessons or bite our tongue when we want to snap at our husband.

But then I think about a couple weeks from now.

Do we just go back to “normal” life?

How do we really keep it up?

How do we really remember that taking out the trash right this minute is not that important or that the parking ticket is really not a big deal or that people make mistakes and it is okay to forgive fast?

So I think this blog is a question, and we all have our own unique answers.

Because your people could be gone tomorrow.

How do you want to treat them? How do you want your experience to be with them? What do you want them to know?

And then, the most important, how do you remember when life gets in the way?

Answer for yourself and let me know -- I would love to hear!

My answers coming soon.