Losing Weight and Vacation: Part 2

You guys. The results are in.

I led my retreat last week. (If you haven’t read part one, scroll down)

I challenged myself to lose weight while in Mexico.

I went in fully armored, with a plan, you amazing people as my accountability partners (and two friends too) and most importantly my desire to feel good while away top of mind.

My plan was no second helpings and no dessert.

Pretty simple.

Of course my brain went bananas when the waiters tried to serve me dessert after every dinner or my new friends were getting up for seconds for the to-die-for chia pudding (seriously this is reason enough to come to Mexico with us it is soooo good).

But I think I told you I am over breaking promises with myself.

So I stuck to my plan.

And for the first time in the adult history of Laura Elizabeth Wulf Conley I didn’t gain weight.

I weighed exactly the same when I got back as I did when I left. (I know, I know, I didn’t actually lose weight, but coooome onnnnnn).

Insert mind blown emoji here.

And the best part, I felt effing fantastic while away.

I was able to show up and be more me and contribute more. I was more present with the people there and my purpose for being there, to teach and coach.

This is one of the reasons I love losing weight or maintaining weight. Not for the weight itself but for the people we become while working towards the goal.

Maybe you’re thinking weighing a certain number or looking a certain way is superficial or frivolous. I see that.

But the work we have to do and the lessons we learn along the way is DEEP stuff.