Mr. Mom

Leading up to my retreat this past week my husband had to organize his schedule and his work so that he could parent in the way that he wanted and needed to while I was away.

As he went along in this process, people said things, like “oh you’ll be Mr. Momming it” and “Wait, what your wife is traveling for work, huh?”.

He later told me that while he got where the Mr. Mom comments were coming from, in his head, he was like, No, I am not Mr. momming it. I am Dadding it. I am gonna be a kick ass dad all week.

And he was. Thanks babe.

This same week, I also had a student tell me she got a job because she acted like a dude in the interview process. She said she was only partially qualified but acted fully qualified, like guys do.

I was like what if that was just you being you? Being awesome and confident and a woman?

Both of these examples remind me that we get to define the identities we wear.

Here’s to choosing wisely.