Mini Session Meltdown

Do you guys know how I offer mini sessions for coaching?

Well you can sign up for one of five mini sessions that I might be offering during a particular month. For free.

I take these mini sessions clients seriously. I show up. Grounded. Ready to get my coach on. Present and excited.

So today I had one scheduled. I was all ready to go. Signed on to Zoom.

She never showed up, so I followed up with a sweet email.

She emailed me back a little while later.

You guys. I had the wrong time in my head. Insert face to hand emoji. EFFF.

How am I ever going to build a giant, awesome, successful coaching practice if I can’t even get the time right?

What is wrong with me?

This is the most embarrassing thing ever. Holy shit. I can’t even email her.

Must crawl into hole and die now.


I didn’t do that.

Because a few months ago I decided that I am just simply not allowed to beat myself up for mistakes. Never again. It is just not allowed.

So I wrote her an email, apologized and we rescheduled.

And that was literally it.

PS if you want a free mini session contact me to set one up. And then cross your fingers I actually show up ;).