Effing Pasta

Pasta is so freaking good.

So if my husband makes it I obviously have to have a bite. If we go out for italian I obviously have to order it.

But you know what?

Last week I was cleaning up from my husbands cooking extravaganza. He was doing a lil baby food prep for the week. God LOVE him.

And I was putting the pasta he cooked in tupperware.

And I just put the pasta in the tupperware and then just put the tupperware in the fridge.

And that was it.

Oh. my. God.

What just happened.

A year ago I would have just unconsciously eaten a couple bites.

A few months ago I would have ‘snuck’ a few fusillis.

Last month I would have wanted a little sneak and then I would have talked myself out of it.

And today, I unconsciously just didn’t have the pasta.

I literally rewired my brain.

And that my friends, is amore. ;) Yes, I really just wrote that.