Plan B

On our retreat we have “The Daily Question”.

You can use it to meditate on or as a journal prompt or as a conversation topic.

So one of the students opened her journal to get her daily question on.

She realized the last time she had written in her journal was a year and a half ago.

She had written “Don’t settle for Plan B. The only thing keeping you from your Plan A is your willingness to settle for Plan B.”

Apparently these were the “wise” words her yoga teacher had told her on this particular day.

On this particular day she had been out of work for 6 weeks.

She had a job offer on the table. She was NOT excited about it.

But she had been out of work for 6 weeks and this offer was gonna pay her and give her benefits.

It was a plan B.

On this particular day she had also learned that her DREAM JOB had come available. She didn’t have an interview, she didn’t have an offer. But it was her DREAM JOB.

It was her plan A.

So she didn’t settle.

She went for plan A.

And she got plan A.

I literally don’t even remember teaching this class or saying those words.  

Little do we know what we share with the world has an impact. Such a fun reminder to keep showing up and contributing in whatever unique way we contribute.