Pinky Promise.

As you might know I have committed to writing 30 blogs in 30 days.

As you also might know I am leading a retreat in Mexico this week.

So OF COURSE my brain is like “you don’t have to do the challenge when you are in Mexico.” and “just pick up where you left off when you get home”, “enjoy being on a retreat and enjoy yourself” and “It’s not reallllly quitting” and “Ugh I don’t want to, I don’t feeeel like it”.

My brain is super compelling and believable.

BUT, I am so done with deciding I am going to do the challenge or read the book or stick to what my calendar says or going for a run AND then NOT following through.

There will always be a “good” reason to NOT follow through.

I have enough of not following through for one life.

So from now on, I just do what I say I am going to do.

Of course my brain comes up with all kinds of clever reasons as to why I shouldn’t stay committed. And that is totally fine.

I am just not listening anymore.

It is super hard sometimes. But so far the trust I have built with myself by sticking to my word with myself is awesome.

And It kind of makes me feel like I can do anything.