Brain Picking

People want to pick my brain. They want to talk about their transition from their corporate job to teaching yoga. Hear how I did it. They want my advice on what is going on in their lives.

I genuinely want to have all the coffees and lunches and walks. I love people and I love connecting.

And what my brain tells me to tell them is, “Oh, I so wish I could but I don’t have time.”

And that is a lie.

There is always time.

But the truth is, letting people pick my brain for a couple hours on wednesday is not a priority.

And that is very inconvenient for me because this means I have to tell the people no and that is super uncomfortable for me.

But what is way more uncomfortable is not taking my daughter to music class or building my business or working out or having lunch with my mom or a friend.

So I say no. And then I say no to the next person. And it gets a little easier, but it still gives my stomach knots.

PS “picking my brain”, can we get a new phrase people? It’s so cryptic.

***Hear me loud and clear: this is not me saying “we” can’t connect in other ways. It just can’t be the wine nights and yoga classes and coffees like it used to be.