Shower Thoughts

The other day I got out of the shower.

I was toweling off as I was bending over (no this is not going somewhere creepy).

I noticed my belly.

I noticed it’s shape and size.

Then I noticed how I didn’t say anything negative at all, in any way, about said belly.

It was just there.

Then I just kept toweling off.

I just kept doing my day.

So weird.

So awesome.

I didn’t go down the rabbit hole about how I shouldn’t have eaten that thing and about how I am going to be extra strict this week and about how maybe I should even cancel those happy hour plans.

I think I just like put on lotion and brushed my hair.

If you are like me and you have beat yourself up on repeat for decades you know what a big deal this is.

If you are in the .00001% of women who never had any body issues you are probably just super bored by this particular blog.

But this wasn’t an accident.

This was a daily practice of retraining my brain to believe what I wanted to believe about my body. It was effortful and purposeful.

But now I get to (for the most part) go unconscious and just automatically think neutral and positive thoughts about my body.

I used to be unconscious and just automatically think negative thoughts and feel like crap.

It is so much better this way.

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