How to get back up after a fall...

My daughter Luna is learning to walk.

I was doing that hysterical laughing but trying not to thing tonight as she trapsed around the house barely catching herself from falling every other step as if she had 3 too many vodka sodas while wearing sunglasses that are even too big for my face.

It is a long process this walking thing.

She falls all the time.

Sometimes she doesn’t seem to care.

Sometimes she gets super frustrated.

Sometimes she thinks it is funny.

Sometimes she scares herself and cries.

But she always gets back up. Always.

She really wants to walk.

She can see that walking is the next right thing for her.

She is totally committed.

So she just keeps getting back up and working at her walking.

She will definitely walk without falling (mostly) someday probably pretty soon.

She never thinks, well I never walked before so I better not try.

Or this is too hard, I think I quit.

Or that last time when I fell it was really scary so no thanks, walking.

Or everyone else has it so much easier than me.

She just falls. Feels her feelings. And gets back up.

It really can be just that simple.

With our side hustle goal. Or our marriage goal. Or our having babies goal. Or our weight loss goal.

So this is exactly what we must do.

Commit. “Fall”. Feel the feeling <insert frustration, humor, fear>. Get back up. Rinse. Repeat.

If you know you often fall and can’t get back up, this is exactly what we will working on at my workshop this Saturday morning. Only a few more spots left, sign up here.