Book Club

We all know were not in the book club for the books.

We’re in it for the wine and the food and the connection.

At least that is why I am in my book club. (although, shocking to mostly me, I have actually been reading the books. Turns out you can actually read even if you have a baby)

Many times I go to book club, or wine club (I have one of those too) or girls night out and I over indulge. And then I feel like shit. Again, you guys know how this story ends.

So last night I went to Book Club, ate the salad and veggies I planned to eat, drank the 2 glasses of wine I planned to drink.

I didn’t eat the bites of brownie my friend offered or the cold pieces of flatbread that were leftover. I wanted to.

But what I want more is to achieve my goal.

And what I want even more is to just do what I say I am going to do.

To trust myself.

So, for once, I just did that.

And this morning I woke up.

I realized I had just as much fun (if not more - don’t tell my past self that though) as I would have had I eaten the thing that wasn’t on the plan.

So last night I had the same amount of fun.

BUT. You guys, this morning I had WAY more fun than any morning where I had eaten the thing that wasn’t on that plan.

So I am currently at a net positive.

The month we read Little Fires Everywhere. That was a net negative. I ate all the things I said I wasn’t going to, had a sugar/ wine/ flour hangover and felt like ASS.

So, what I have found with this weight loss stuff over the past year is that the weight loss can be the goal, sure. But what I am creating and who I am becoming on the journey is so much deeper than weighting the “right” number or fitting into the jeans I want to fit into.

The relationship I am building with myself is just the most worth it thing ever.