The Holidays and Losing Weight

Like vacation and losing weight, the holidays and losing weight, just don’t belong in the same sentence.

I think about how for me November 1st has been a big “throw in the towel” day in past years.

I probably have woken up with a sugar hangover from too many whoppers. (it’s my fave halloween candy, weird, I know)

I probably think to myself oh eff it, it’s basically the holidays, I’ll just start in January.




So I inevitably eat all the things, feel like crap, don’t achieve my goals, blah blah blah, you all know where this leads.

You guys. For many of us it is just two days. The Holidays. Two days. Maybe three.

I think about how crazy it is that I willingly threw my goals out the window because of two days on the calendar.

Yes. I know there are parties and cookie exchanges and eggnog and the little christmas tree reese’s.

But what if the food and the drinks weren’t what made the holidays the holidays?

What if the family and the friends and the Mariah Carey songs and the matching christmas pajamas made the holidays the holidays? What if this was the focus?

Maybe we would show up more presently for all of the things?

Maybe we could even blow our own minds and lose weight or just rock our current hot bods and not gain weight over the next two months?

Maybe we would start the new year without the holiday haze that I am usually clouded in for about the first 6 days of January?

So, this year, just like this last vacation away, I am all in for feeling good over the holidays and focusing on what matters.