#shinetribe: The Sessions

Join Jocelyn and Laura for #shinetribe: The Sessions.   These Sessions are dedicated to you, our tribe.  We are creating #shinetribe: The Sessions in the name of connection, community, transformation and fun, knowing that as a tribe our possibilities are limitless!  

One Friday each month we will come together to create and connect. We will begin The Session with a slow flow set to a soulful soundtrack designed to create clarity and inspiration.  The evening will shift into meditation, journaling and time to chat and share so that you are set up for a month full of shine and radiance! 

Together, our tribe will dedicate April to the Power of Self-Love and Self-Care.

Each Session is limited to 18 people, so snag your tickets soon!

April 1, 2016, 7-9pm



Spark Your Shine: Vision and Goals