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The Yummy Mummy

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Join me for The Yummy Mummy: An 12 week one-on-one coaching experience for new mamas to mindfully lose the baby weight

You can expect to:

-Lose the weight for good

-Feel nourished, energized and never deprived

-Lose the weight without adding more things to your to do list

-Balance your hormones

-Stop hating on your body and learn to FINALLY love your body, really truly

-Set the foundation for a healthy relationship with your body and food to model for your children

-Be the “Yummy Mummy” you have always dreamed you would be

-Program does not require that you go to the gym or spend excessive time on meal planning/ prep

What is included:

  • 12, 45 minute zoom (like skype) video calls (1 call per week) over the course of 12 weeks

  • daily accountability via your own personal google document

  • weekly customized self-study practices

  • weekly worksheets and homework

Sign up here:

- Ready for your results? Click the calendar link to set up the first of twelve 45 minute sessions and pay in full here. I will send you a “What to know before we go” email prior to our first call

- Call me Salesy Sally, but I will literally give you all of your money back if you don’t get the results you set out to achieve

-Know someone that would love “The Yummy Mummy”? Refer your friend and when they book an 12 week session you get a free 45 minute coaching session!

A little more about my journey to Yummy Mummyhood:

I was determined to lose the baby weight and a little more, without any deprivation (seemed impossible since this was my only real go-to in the past), learn to once and for all love my body, continue to breastfeed and maintain a healthy milk supply, create a relationship with myself, especially around the food I eat and my body, that I am proud to model to my daughter.

After literally decades of an on again off again relationship with food and my body and trying everything under the sun to lose weight, I am literally so relieved and ecstatic because I feel like I have cracked the body love code.  

Without really knowing it, I created the The Yummy Mummy Program for myself, later became a Certified Weight Coach through The Life Coach School and want nothing more than to help other mamas on their journey. I find this stuff so fun and so transformative on so many levels!

It makes me snicker a little, but I can wholeheartedly say that I feel like a Yummy Mummy through and through.

Once you sign up I will guide you through exactly what I did to lose my baby weight and share with you how I got to a place where I really love my body so you can do the same.

For someone that has tried every diet, every cleanse, every self help book on the subject, this was the one thing that has worked for me and I can unequivocally say, will continue to for a lifetime.

I have finally found the answer on weight loss and body love and I am so excited to share all of it with you.