If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to increase the well-being, health, happiness, and productivity of your employees, then the Shine @ Work package is for you! Treat yourself and your tight-shouldered, stiff-hipped team members to a truly rejuvenating break from the grid with a yoga and/ or meditation class specifically designed to meet your needs!

Whether you’re envisioning an opportunity for your team members to bond while they sweat it out during a lunch or a healthier, community-building happy hour for your employees, I can work with you to create an experience that supports your company’s values and goals! Contact me to discuss your vision!

Ready for your corporate team to take it to the next level? I offer Corporate Coaching that allows both the individuals on your team as well as your organization as whole to be the very best they can be!

"I entered Laura's class feeling mostly open, but a tiny bit reserved. Right away, Laura exuded a friendly smile and a very warm, relaxed energy - I knew I'd love her class. She was offering (lent her spare mat to me), considerate (making sure music wasn't too loud/disruptive being next to me), and very smiley and calmly playful.  Laura instructed an awesome class, had killer music, and presented baby steps for learning crow position - which I only held for about 2.5 seconds, but I freaking did it and it felt awesome!!  She reminded the class to smile through poses, and it made the class airy, bright, and fun.  Laura brings a joyful light to class and I just love her!" - Megan Gourley, Team One
"Laura is by far one of my favorite yoga instructors. Her style of teaching is really well-balanced between pushing you to explore the limits of your body while allowing you the room to embrace your limitations. I find this really refreshing since Yoga classes can sometimes make me feel self-conscious. The best part is that she has a great sense of humor—which makes her classes fun and rewarding at the same time. She's the best!" - Chy, Possible Worldwide
"Laura's talent as a yoga teacher shows through in her thoughtful class sequencing, calming demeanor, and ability to work with many student ability levels.  She is excited to share her passion, which makes me look forward to engaging in her class and further building my own reflective practice." - Natalie, Possible Worldwide