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shinetribe: The Sessions // Wring out the Resentment!

Join Jocelyn and Laura for #shinetribe: The Sessions.   

Note: you asked and we heard!!!  Shinetribe is now three hours instead of two to allow for more tribey types of things, sharing, socializing, snacking and sipping. The last hour is dedicated to just that!  Please feel free to BYO-anything, kombucha, full on dinner, snacks, wine, green juice, you name it. 

Our October Session is dedicated to wringing out the resentment!  Let's take it head on with a clear willingness to examine what our part may have been and may still be as path to personal freedom. By walking through the discomfort we will gain insights and wisdom. 

The Session begins with a slow flow set to a soulful soundtrack designed to create clarity and inspiration.  The evening will shift into meditation, journaling and time to chat and share so that you are set up for a month full of shine and radiance!

These Sessions are dedicated to you, our tribe.  We are creating #shinetribe: The Sessions in the name of connection, community, transformation and fun, knowing that as a tribe our possibilites are limitless!  

Please bring your mat, journal and open heart and mind!

Park in the structure (free) and enter the building through the structure or the street. We are in suite #205 which is on the 2nd floor.

"Hanging on to resentment is letting someone live rent free in your head" Ann Landers