Gratitude Mad Lib

Have you guys heard of stroller strides?

No, it is not like 20 moms power walking as fast as they can up and down the beach path rocking hot pink visors (although if you know me, you know I can get behind visor life).

Stroller strides is the best, most kick ass workout AND you get to bring your baby.

Today it was like crazy good workout, bring your baby (while the talented teacher also entertains said babe) AND a gratitude-PALOOZA!!!!

And since it was a gratitude-PALOOZA I figured I have to share it with all of you!!!

I am like any decent human. I really love me some gratitude.

But what I have found is that just listing in your head the same 4 things you are grateful for doesn’t really pack very much punch day after day.

We need to get creative. Think of things we don’t always think of. Think of the WHY.

Then FEEL the actual feeling of gratitude inside our bodies.

When we practice gratitude this way it really brings home all of the amazing benefits, which I was reminded of today by my sweet friend Noelle (she was the creator of the gratitude-PALOOZA).

She told us things like:

Having a gratitude practice can increase your immunity, bring you greater joy, improve your self-esteem, lower stress, contribute to better sleep, make us kinder, and on and on and on.

I mean basically having a gratitude practice is like taking a magic pill.

Sign me up!!

Which is why I loved the gratitude mad lib that Noelle offered (or should I call it “Grat Lib” hehehe.)

You can copy, paste and thank away OR use it as your conversation piece at the dinner table!

Dear ______________,

I am so grateful or your ___________________________. When I am feeling _____________ you always know how to ______________________. I love the way you _____________. You are special to me because _____________________________. Without you as my ______________________, I would be_________________________.

I _________________________ you!


Happy Thanksgiving Bloggy Babes!!!

And check out Stroller Strides here!


30 blogs in 30 days!

Today is the finale of 30 blogs in 30 days! I did it! Yay!

Part of me is like “Whoa, you did it!! Good job!!” and then part of me is like “Of course you did it. Remember how you’ve decided that you are a person that just does what they say they are going to do?!”

And then all of me is just really surprised by how much I have enjoyed the process.

I have loved experiencing ME in a different way. I have loved connecting with YOU on social media and in real life. I have loved living life knowing that I am going to write a blog post every day.

It has become like a new form of meditation.

People always ask me if I meditate. If they should meditate.

I think the answer is yes and no.

NO I don’t think it is that important to to meditate in the traditional sense each and everyday.

BUT, YES I think it is so important to have some kind of Daily Practice.

Like actually the most important thing in the world.

Journaling. Breathing for 5 deep breaths. Reading. Writing. A gratitude practice. Actually meditating. Dancing like a nut. Blogging?!

A Daily Practice where you check in with yourself, literally in your own words, saying things like “Hi Self, what is up? Where are we? Where have we been? Where are we going? Is it on purpose? Are we being who we want to be? What do we need to remember? What are we grateful for? What is really important? What do we want?”

Because what happens then is the daily practice spreads throughout the day.

It is easier to catch ourselves before we snap at the customer service rep.

Easier to ignore the ding on the phone.

Easier to just watch and enjoy the baby playing with sand.

Easier to stay committed to whatever we are committed to.

Easier to achieve our dreams.

So blogging became a new Daily Practice. And it was really the act of knowing I would write the blog. It was like putting on “I write blogs sunglasses”, my perspective shifted. I began to look deeper and to stop more. To ask the big questions more and to listen more carefully.

Endless gratitude to my teachers for teaching me the value of the Daily Practice and to you for joining me on this journey!

AND don’t freak out!! Blog life is not over, it has just begun. Click over every Tuesday for a new post! We are going to a weekly format baby boos!



My daughter says hi to everyone.

She does not discriminate. Hi to the random kid at the playground. Hi to the homeless dude. Hi to me over and over and over again. Hi to the dogs. Hi to the strangers on the beach path that don’t speak english.


She doesn’t care if they say hi back. She just keeps saying hi.

She doesn’t care if they give her a weird look or run away. She just keeps saying hi.

Because this is just who she is.

She is friendly and warm and chatty.

Regardless of who other people are she just keeps being who she is.

So I am like what if I could be like this?

What if I could just all the time be myself no matter how other people will respond or how I think they will respond?

So every time she says hi it is this most beautiful reminder that we all get to be who we are no matter what.

And for those of us that have been conditioned to tiptoe around “other people” this being-ourselves-thing takes major courage.

But if a one year old can do it, we can too.

This week tho

For many of us this week was a doozy.


Another mass shooting.

More unrelenting fires in California.

I notice we react to all of it differently.

Some of us cry. Journal. Drink a bottle of wine. Talk about it. Ignore it. Binge watch the news. Donate money. Send thoughts and prayers. Donate blood. Post on social media.

Then I notice some of us judge others for HOW they are reacting or responding.

As if there is a right way to respond.

And so some of us judge others. And then we compound the problem. More hate. More divisiveness. More thoughts of there is a right way and a wrong way.

I know I have been guilty of this myself.

So here I am practicing.

Just holding space.

Letting all the people react and respond in all the ways. Because they are going to any way. And I let myself respond in the ways that are authentic to me.

And so, if we allow and hold space -- this simple act in it of itself is us being a part of the solution not the problem.

Here are even more ways to help:

To help the victims and their families involved in the Thousand Oaks Mass Shooting:

To help the victims and the relief effort for the Woolsey Fire:

Text “REDCROSS” to “909-99” to donate $10 to the Red Cross

To donate essentials like diapers, wipes, blankets to @baby2baby go to their registry, they are on the ground giving direct relief to high-need families.


Do you ever look back?

Exactly 6 years ago I left my corporate job as a pharmaceutical sales gal.

I left the company car. The free lunches. The cushy salary and bonuses.

I did this to pursue my dream of being a yoga teacher and life coach.

People ask me all the time, “Do you regret it?” “Do you ever look back?” “Do you wish you hadn’t?”

The answer is a simple and definitive NO. I really never looked back, I never wished I hadn’t left, I never regret it.

But here is why.

I just decided I wasn’t going to regret it.

I just decided that this was the best decision I could ever make for myself.

I stuck to that and believed it through and through.

So, I got myself a light blue VW beetle, drank my $13 green smoothies that I paid for all by myself and created retreats which became the new bonus.

It is really that simple.

The only thing that makes something wrong decision is your brain.

Unsubscribe Scars

I started my newsletter about 2 and a half years ago.

I sent out my very first one full of excitement and anticipation.

I think people loved it for the most part.

However, mailchimp sends me an email every time someone unsubscribes.

I didn’t know that.

So I am all on a high about sending this newsletter out and then I get like 2 unsubscribe emails.

Isn’t it crazy how we can be getting all kinds of positive feedback but then our brains just keep going to the negative.

There could have been like 8 bajillion of you loving it and 2 people not wanting it (which by the way isn’t personal usually anyway - I mean even if it is, so what!?)

I am like “no one likes my email, I am probably gonna die.” and I stew and I waste precious energy and I make it mean all kinds of things that I don’t really want to be focusing on.

Apparently you can turn off the setting where mailchimp doesn’t send you the unsub emails.

But! If I turn that off I am missing a huge opportunity.

So I leave it on. And when an unsub email comes in, I might open it, I might not.

Regardless I always choose to think, this is just me getting closer to my audience. This has nothing to do with the actual ME.

My coach explains it as if she is teaching in an auditorium. Would you want people in your lecture not paying attention and like scrolling facebook? NO! You wouldn’t!

Same applies here. My people will find me. And the people that are not my people will unsubscribe.

And it is all perfect.

The Yummy Mummy

At the beginning of this year I was I was still 15-20 pounds over my pre-baby weight.

I knew I wanted to lose it and maybe a few more.

BUT, this time I was determined to lose the baby weight mindfully and once and for all.

I  wholeheartedly and consciously committed to:

*no deprivation (seemed impossible since this was my only real go-to in the past)

*learning to once and for all love my body

*continuing to breastfeed and maintain a healthy milk supply

*creating a relationship with myself, especially around the food I eat and my body, that I am proud to model to my daughter

After literally decades of an on again off again relationship with food and my body and trying everything under the sun to lose weight, I am literally so relieved and ecstatic because I feel like I have cracked the body love code.

Today, I launch THE YUMMY MUMMY PROGRAM: a 1-on-1 Mindful Weight Loss Coaching Experience for New Mamas.

Without really knowing it, I created the The Yummy Mummy Program for myself, later became a Certified Weight Coach through The Life Coach School and want nothing more than to help other mamas on their journey. I find this stuff so fun and so transformative on so many levels!

What is a Yummy Mummy you ask?

Well, Urban Dictionary might have a different answer, BUT I think a Yummy Mummy is a mom that -- believe it or not -- LOVES her body post baby.

She weighs what she wants to weigh.

She feels super energetic (okay, most of the time), never deprived and feels free (effing finally) of the drama around food and body image.

It makes me snicker a little, but I can totally say that I feel like a Yummy Mummy through and through.

For someone that has tried every diet, every cleanse, every self help book on the subject, this was the one thing that has worked for me and I can unequivocally say, will continue to for a lifetime.

I feel like I have finally found the answer on weight loss and body love and I am so excited to share all of it with you.

If you are curious about becoming a Yummy Mummy click here to sign up for a free 15 minute consult!


More on Mom Guilt

Should I go to yoga or go home and be with Luna?

Was I overly cautious when she threw up? Not cautious enough?

Am I being selfish for taking her for a stroller run instead of taking her to the playground because we really only have like 37 minutes?

Did I stop breastfeeding too soon?

My bestie and I were facetiming yesterday.

We notice how there are so many articles and chapters in the parenting books on how to get RID of MOM GUILT. There are all these crafty ways to trick yourself out of it.

I sometimes think the more momming I do, the more years that pass by the less mom guilt I will have.

As if this mom guilt shouldn’t be part of the deal.

But what if is just the deal?

What if it is just a part of the package?

What if we allowed it?

Like just thought to ourselves, “oh there is the mom guilt again” and then took a deep breath.

Instead of fighting it? Or trying to wine-it away? Or talk ourselves out of it?

What if we breathed it all in.

Just as the cuddles and playground adventures and the first “I love you” are a part of what we have signed up for, what if the guilt was what we have signed up for too?

I think this way is way easier. Maybe not super comfortable. But easier.


Snack Sabatoge

I took Luna to the park this past Friday. She is pretty adventurous. READ: she is getting hurt like all the time now.

So she busted her face on the playground.

I helped to calm her down but she was still a bit fussy moments later.

Then I offered her a snack.

“Do you want a snack? Maybe that will help you feel better?” I said, OUT LOUD.

Holy crap you guys. This whole food-will-make-me-feel-better thing starts when we are barely 1.

The pints of ice cream. The chocolate. The wine. The goldfish at the park.

We are sold a story that food will make us feel better. And it kind of does.

But not because it makes Luna’s ouchie feel better. Not because it makes the boyfriend come back. Not because it makes our boss nice. Not because it helps us to feel what we are meant to feel as humans.

But because it releases a chemical in our brain that elicits false pleasure and then for some of us a big NET NEGATIVE down the line. (not weighing what we want to weigh? Sugar hangovers anyone?)

Food is like a really crappy band aid that when it falls off the the “ouchie” is even worse than when it started.

So of course many of us don’t feel the way we want in our bodies. Maybe partly because we have been told by our culture since before we could barely even chew that food is the answer.

It never is.