On Following Your Bliss

On following your bliss.

I am on my balcony in baja, delicious coffee in hand, book in my lap and ocean in my view. I can hardly concentrate on said book because I am overcome with excitement and having moments of little screamy-bursty-thingys. Our students are over the moon happy and the retreat has got some major FLOW going on. This is it. This is me on my path, blissing out in Baja, living out my dreams.

bliss out in baja.jpeg
bliss out in baja 2.jpeg

Cut to one week later, I am on a chaise lounge in South Beach, pina colada in hand, favorite person ever by my side and the ocean in my view (I know, rough life).  I am a little tipsy from the drink I wasn’t even sure I wanted.  I am feeling a little antsy and discontent. I brush it off, because, “earth to Laura you are on an amazing vacation!!!”, without a care in the world, essentially able to do whatever I want when I want. Yes, it was fun and I shared great quality time with my husband -- but all with just a hair of ‘meh’.

It was a wake up call in the name of purpose and bliss. I took two back to back trips. The first, I was working and majorly responsible for 25 lovely beings. The second I was free to do whatever, whenever.  On paper, the second should have been the ‘it’ trip, way better than the first. However, Baja, will go down in the books as one of our best retreats ever and for me personally, a profound time in my life. The second, will be lumped with other ‘just okay’ trips.

So my point is bust your butt for the Bliss!  The bliss requires hard work, hustle and a huge helping of good ol ‘trust the universe’, but the reward is BLISS people!!!  Indescribable, elated, I could cry, bliss!

For me, this dose of bliss manifested in Baja while I was leading a yoga retreat. For you, it might be having your art showcased somewhere special or holding your baby for the first time or saving the elephants in Thailand.  

Maybe you have no clue what your bliss is or is meant to be. I didn’t. I just followed little clue after little clue and a redirect here and being curious about that until BOOM! It was clear. A part of my bliss is leading retreats in spectacular  places with even more spectacular people by my side.

My bliss is not in going to Florida and drinking on the beach. And that’s okay. I am learning to lean more and more into the shiny, lights-me-up stuff and letting go of the oftentimes more acceptable or simply habitual ways of spending time.
Let’s all stop settling for the metaphorical half melted 700 calorie pina colada and get ourselves some screamy-bursty-thingys. One thing. Towards your bliss. Go. Now.