Spark your shine: Coaching to ignite your Life!

There’s something very special that happens when we share our values, vision, and goals with our tribe. Whether it’s with your work community or a group of your friends or family, setting aside time to connect, get inspired, and support each other’s dreams can be a powerful way to create positive shift.

I can’t wait to hear how I can support you and your tribe! Tell me a little bit about your group and the gathering you envision and I’ll be in touch to discuss all of the wonderful possibilities we can create together!



The Campfire: Tap into the power of values-centered community and explore the ways in which individuals can come together to amplify each other’s light with this custom-designed vision- and goal-setting session for you and your group.  Swap out the same old book club get together for a night of excitement and creativity (vision boards anyone?) or light the fire under your co-workers feet with a workshop to step up the water cooler conversation! Contact me to discuss the gathering you envision and rates!

Corporate Coaching:  Would your company’s team benefit from a clearer vision of your organization’s culture, more effective communication skills, and a stronger sense of community? I offer Corporate Coaching that is specifically designed to take organizations and their team members to the next level of success, click on to learn more about why, what you can expect and pricing.

Are you seeking a community of bright, shiny souls? Then be sure to check out Shinetribe Events!