Spark Your Shine Corporate Rates & Offerings


What Participants Can Expect

  • Four 90-minute sessions over the course of 4-8 weeks that will take place in your company’s office or via Zoom Video Conference (like Skype)
  • A collaborative process: During sessions I will deliver the content and participants will share, connect, learn and inspire each other
  • One 30-minute, one-on-one coaching session in person or over Zoom for each participant
  • Weekly homework that supports and deepens participants’ engagement with the session content

Participant Take-Aways

  • A 10-year vision written from a place of true choice and possibility that leaves participants feeling clear, uplifted, and inspired about what they’re meant to get up to while on this big, awesome planet of ours
  • Achievable, action-oriented 10-, 5-, and 1-year goals that support participants’ unique personal vision
  • A personal mantra that allows participants to move through roadblocks and fear and into the life they are committed to creating
  • Life-changing tools that are designed to:
    • allow participants to be authentically them all of the time!
    • show participants when, where and why they show up inauthentically as well as how to shift into being present as their best self
    • help participants access choice, possibility and response vs. reaction moment to moment so that they may release fear-based, doubt-based, and scarcity-based reactions
    • support participants’ ability to communicate effectively and powerfully, both personally and professionally
  • An assigned partner to further discuss content, personal discoveries, and homework


1-5 participants - $1,500

6-10 participants - $2,000

*Add on additional one-on-ones at $150 per 1-hour session

*Add a monthly or quarterly accountability group check-in (including homework prior to meeting) at $250 per 90-minute session

"Laura was totally amazing!! Spark Your Shine opened me up to new ways of thinking, being. Laura is like pure sunshine! And it absolutely made me and my life sparkle! Working with her changed my life!" -Katie Marquart, New York, New York
"Laura is one of the most articulate, inspiring, and creative people I have had the pleasure of working with. Her passion for life and dedication to success is truly contagious. Part of what makes Laura so special is her listening and analytical skills. She really invested time into our relationship and helped me to focus, prioritize and be more goal oriented. Laura's genuine, honest insight has helped me to achieve clarity, balance and peace in my life." -Christina DiGiulian, Washington, DC
"Spark Your Shine has helped me to know myself better, helped me create a new best self, and it has given me the tools and mechanisms to change for the better. Laura was instrumental in my journey of self-discovery and helped me to dig deeper into emotionally charged territory I didn't know was holding me back. After completing her training, I have a clear road map to my goals and visions of the future and I plan to continue my personal and professional development." -Kit Hennessey,  Los Angeles, CA